The 3 Important Elements of Small Business Website

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The 3 Important Elements of Small Business Website

Small businesses play an essential role in society, local culture, and the economy. However, there’s no denying that the competition is fierce. Although there is often an uplifting sense of community among small businesses, there is still a need to stand out. 

In today’s digital world, small businesses have the opportunity to go global and impact larger audiences. This is provided that they can accommodate requests and orders, but that’s a different story. When you look at the current business landscape, it’s not hard to see which tools will be the strongest and provide the most returns. 

A website is a small business’s most powerful tool to grow its business and achieve its goals. Aside from representing the brand, it’s also a big part of the customer experience. Good customer experience leads to satisfaction, which can lead to repeat purchases and eventually loyalty. 

That said, what are the most important components of your website you should focus on?


You might be thinking that your priority should be the visuals, the copy, and so on. While you’re not entirely wrong, there’s something you need to consider first—responsiveness. When people click on your website, they expect the page to load in no less no more than three seconds. Beyond that, they are likely to leave the page.

People highly value convenience and ease of use when it comes to interacting with brands. That means you need to make it easy-breezy for them to load your site, navigate it, and interact with it. 

The Visuals

Just because responsiveness comes first on the list doesn’t mean you should put it above visuals. Ideally, both of the components should be worked on together. The visual layout and experience you want should be woven into the technical aspect of the website. As mentioned earlier, people judge a book by its cover on the internet. 

Make sure to tell your brand’s story and overall vibe through the use of colour, graphics, images, and more. This is where creativity matters most. The visual aspect of your website should be more than just a pretty thing to look at. Give the audience something to read, discover, and more. They can learn a lot from design alone. 

Compelling Content

Responsiveness and visuals are parts of the website that will attract customers and encourage them to explore further. But what makes them stay and come back is the content. As a small business, you have a lot of competition, from fellow small businesses to more prominent brands. Compelling content means you are providing additional value and service to the customers.

Your content should be diverse in medium and topic. Show the instructional videos, write inspiring stories, showcase new products through graphics, and more. There is so much that you can offer. This is also a chance for you to connect with the audience and hopefully help you convert them into loyal customers.

The Bottom Line

While brick and mortar storefronts are essential, for some businesses, their online presence can do a lot more for their overall growth. Your website is as good as a physical storefront. No matter the kind of product or service you’re offering, this is the place that will represent your brand to people.

Customers these days are a lot more present online. Depending on how your website is laid out, you have a great shot at attracting them and converting them into loyal customers. People judge the book by its cover on the internet. Your task as a small business is to put as much thought and care into your website as you do with other aspects of your business.

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