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Why Facebook Marketing?

Are you considering whether your need to use Facebook marketing for your Sunshine Coast business? You’re not alone, and here’s why you should use Facebooking marketing services such as ours to boost your brand awareness and leads. 

Facebook boasts 1.79 billion monthly active users. That’s a lit, right? These users are on Facebook for an average 40 minute per day. Facebook allows businesses can target and reach specific markets easily with Facebook advertising without having to spend a lot of money. You can get crafty with your campaign to target specific age groups, interests, locations, and much more. In fact, Facebook advertising is best used when campaigns are carefully managed and optimised to convert well.

Facebook Marketing & Continual Growth

This isn’t something you can just set up and forget, it’s a continual growth opportunity. Think of Facebook as a tree. The more you water and look after it, the more it will grow. It’s no different on Facebook. The more you engage your followers, the more they will interact and the more they will promote your brand.

Businesses should partner with a Facebook marketing agency on the Sunshine Coast, like us! We are experienced and knowledgeable in achieving the best results. Our Facebook marketing service provides maximum growth and rapid scaling up.

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How do our facebook marketing services work?

We tailor each campaign specifically to the needs of the businesses and the industry in which they fall. Some of our clients utilise our full Facebook marketing service for paid ads, whilst others utilise our services to manage regular posting on the business page. Below are some of the aspects incorporated as part of Boast Digital’s Facebook marketing Sunshine Coast service. 

Our Facebook advertising agency on the Sunshine Coast has extensive expertise in crafting creative Facebook ads that help clients reach more of their target audience.

We are experts at writing Facebook ads content. With 10 years experience in creating and implementing Facebook advertising campaigns that drive conversions, we can provide you the best content. Facebook content that engages and converts!

Are you after the perfect Facebook Ads on the Sunshine Coast? Look no further! We create and curate the perfect Facebook advertising campaign for your brand that is relevant and attracts the interest of your target audience to leave a lasting impression. This includes all videos, imagery and written content for your ads.

Our team here at Boast Digital provide detailed reports on all conversions and events for every campaign. We can optimise Facebook advertising delivery for your business by using market research and data-driven decision making. Optimisation is normally conducted daily, weekly, and monthly dependant on the age of the campaign, type of ads, and the target audience. 

Consult With Our Social Media Manager

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Facebook Management Sunshine Coast

Whether or not Facebook Ads are for you Sunshine Coast business, we also provide organic reach and overall Facebook management. We also incorporate social media into our SEO services to engage followers to learn, buy, and watch on your website.

With every business being unique, you can expect a dedicated social media manager that’s passionate about understanding the ins and outs of your business offerings. This is important because it will ultimately ensure your social media manager is able to sell your products and/or services most effectively.

Some of our Facebook management service include, but are not exclusively limited to:

  • Writing Ads
  • Curating organic content
  • Regular posting to your social media page
  • Linking content to encourage customers to visit your website
  • Communicating and engaging with your customers
  • Promoting positive community sentiment

All content we provide is original and unique to your brand. If you want to kick goals, engage the best Facebook management Sunshine Coast has on offer, right here!

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