Enjoy the benefits of a fast website with our web speed optimising service right here in Australia for WordPress websites.

WordPress Web Speed Optimising Service

How quick does your website load? Is it lagging? Are you potentially losing customer because they give up waiting for your page to load? Stress no more! Boast Digital offer a website speed optimising service right here in Australia. We aim to increase the speed of your website to provide your customers with a better experience and in return increase sales for your business.

As part of our website speed optimisation service, we will first identify the areas for opportunity with your page load time. From here will put together a plan of attack and start working on optimising your website.

web speed optimising service Australia
fix website load time and speed

An Australian Web Speed Optimising Service You Trust

With our extensive experience in optimising web speed for WordPress websites, you can expect some of the below tasks to be completed. Just to name a few.

  • Reducing image sizes and optimising them
  • Configure cache
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Address any bugs
  • Disabling any featured that you don’t need which cause low speed
  • Fix any other landing page issues and negative requests

Each website we work on is unique. Whilst the level of service and outcomes are all the same, the optimisation of your website’s page speed is individually assessed.


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Why is website speed important?

There is number if influencing factors around the importance of website speed and page loading times. Fundamentally, a site with good speed can expect:

  • Lower bounce rates – when your page loads quickly the user is likely to stay tuned into your page.
  • Increased conversion rates which will increase potential sales and revenue.
  • Improved Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine rankings
  • An overall better user experience.

Literally every second counts when it comes to keeping your new and existing customers engaged with your brand, product, and services. Not only that, but every second counts and if you have a high bounce rate than this could impact your overall search engine rankings.

web speed optimisation service australia

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