Top Digital Marketing Trends to be Expected in 2022

top digital marketing trends
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Top Digital Marketing Trends to be Expected in 2022

In 2022, the world has changed, and so has digital marketing. Resources and habits will dictate trends in the year ahead. At this point, it is important to stay ahead of the game and maximise your online marketing efforts.

To be able to do this successfully, it is a must to know what to expect. This includes the rise of social media platforms like Tiktok, the power of video marketing, and more improved pay per click targeting. Understanding crucial information and trends for 2022 will aid you in making adjustments to your marketing plan. If you are at a loss at how to begin, this article is for you!

Below, you will learn about the to 4 forecasted marketing trends to expect in the year 2022.

More Reliable PPC Efforts

PPC is also known as pay per click, or pay per impression. It’s an advertising model in which advertisers pay for each time someone clicks on an ad. PPC advertising is a useful form of digital marketing. For marketers, it’s a marketing tool that allows them to focus on the target audience. The ads can be easily monitored and optimised for the best results and cost effectiveness. The ultimate goal is to get converting customers at minimal cost.

PPC like Google Ads for example, makes it possible to keep an eye on the budget and the effectiveness of the campaigns. Unfortunately, not all PPC campaigns result in success. In fact, marketers spend $0.28 on every $1 spent on PPC. Despite this, it is expected to increase in its effectiveness with platforms such as Google and Facebook allowing for better targeting towards specific demographics, locations, and interests.

In 2022, it is expected that PPC ads will get better results for businesses wanting a quick win with lead generation and product purchases. Marketing efforts will have been greatly improved, making it a reliable form of digital marketing.

A Shift to Mobile Marketing

With the changes in technology, the way people handle their smartphones has changed. The screens on the devices are becoming larger and clearer, making them more comfortable to use. This means that imagery with font overlays can become more attractive and draw in your consumers eye more easily.

However, for consumers with smaller screens this also makes the screens harder to read. However, with a holistic approach and consideration to all mobile screen sizes you can effectively cater to your target audience.

Overall, in 2022, mobile marketing will have grown to the extent that it is expected to provide the highest return on investment. Apps such as Tiktok are becoming more popular this year. Even politicians are using the platform to generate interest from the younger population. As such it is vital to consider some of the latest most popular apps like Tiktok, and leveraging off the platform to get your brand, product and services accross. How? We are seeing for example, candle makers using it to show all the different colours as they make, pour, and dress their candles. It’s great because it gives the viewers and insight into the product and engages them to buy! – Check an example below!

The Rise of Video Marketing

The viral video marketing trends! It has been reported that videos go viral quicker than any other content. They are also easier to share, making them more effective in boosting conversions for your brand. We shared an example above about candle businesses using platforms like Tiktok to promote their products, but we are also seeing a rise in YouTube content, sharing of videos on Facebook and Instagram too.

In particular, promoting videos with a pitch work well as a marketing strategy. Consumers are more switched on than ever before! They what to see you, your business, and your products in action. The power of video marketing can ultimately help push those more hesitant buyer to engage with your business.

This year 2022 will also see advances in AI which are expected to make it possible to create better video ads. There are literally hundreds of online and mobile aps that make it easier to and overlays, music, and fancy fonts over the top of videos.

More Direct Contact

Social media is currently the most effective form of digital marketing. Why? With billions of users worldwide on social media you’re literally able to capture your audience as the search hashtags, browse Facebook, watch Tiktok, and browse the latest trends and inspiration from Pinterest, just to name a few. And what’s more if you’re able to capture your audience 24/7!

In 2022, it is expected that there will be a rise in the use of direct contact. The shift is expected to be led by marketers who are looking forward to greater return on investment for their clients.


These are just a few of the approaches marketers might take to improve their clients digital marketing. There is no doubt that the future is bright for the industry, especially as buyers come out of COVID lockdowns. The only thing you need to do is stay ahead of the game, know your audience, understand the latest marketing trends and know your competition!

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