Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which Is the Superior Option?

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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which Is the Superior Option?

In the modern business world, it’s hard to reach an audience without advertising via digital marketing. Facebook and Google are two of the most popular platforms. Do they work? Both Google and Facebook advertising services work, but only the business owner can decide which one will work best for their specific business goals.

Which one works better? If you are struggling to make this decision, read on! This article will delve into each option to help you come out with the most informed choice. 

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Is the Superior Option?

Which Choice is More Cost-Effective?

Sharing is one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of marketing is cost effective if you strategically target your adience, whichever you choose. However, it is not something that is easy to do. In fact, it takes time, effort, and creativity. So, to reach the maximum number of users, you will have to spend more, but the good news is that there are plenty of options on Facebook and Google that can help you do that.

When it comes to how much you pay, Google Adwords is more cost-effective than Facebook ads if you consider both the amount of your budget and the number of users you want to reach out to.

Which One Will Get Better Engagement?

It is hard to compare Facebook Ads and Google Adwords because they each have their own unique way of registering user engagement. On Facebook, you can run ads that appear in the news feed and on the right portion of the screen. For both ad types, you can target users by location, age, gender, and other factors. The best part about Facebook is that you can easily create a custom audience from your mailing list, website visitors, and more.

So, it’s pretty simple to create an ad that someone will notice. But how do you get people to actually click on it? The answer is, you have to have an engaging image that will make your audience stop and look at it. If your ad does not have an image, it will not be as effective. So, use engaging images that could explain your product or service in a simple and appealing way.

Which One Is More User-Friendly?

Both Facebook and Google Ads have their own extensions, but the functionality and user-friendliness of each extension are quite different.

Facebook and Google Adwords are pretty similar in the sense that they are great marketing resources if you are a small business. Both platforms have free options to help you get your product or service in front of your audience.

The Bottom Line: An Omnichannel Strategy

Using Facebook or Google isn’t enough to grow your business. You will also need to buy ads on other websites such as Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you only rely on one platform to advertise your product or service, you will not be able to reach as many people as you need to.


In a nutshell, a good strategy will also include using other digital marketing platforms such as retargeting, display advertising, and email marketing. It is also important to remember that to succeed. You will need to invest in more than one platform at a time. This is because you won’t be able to grow your business to its maximum potential if you only rely on a single method of advertising.

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